December 8, 2018

Dear Library Friend:

If you walked into the library in 1899, you’d probably recognize and know how to use most everything you saw. There would be electric lights, maybe a telephone (though it would only let you talk to people) and books. But a lot has changed in 120 years, now there are DVDs, books on tape and CD, and
computers with access to the internet.

What remains the same is the story that you are helping write.

Without you, the library is just a warehouse. That’s because libraries aren’t
buildings, or books, or computers, or whatever else the future holds. Libraries are the people who use them. Last year 8,949 people visited the Library and 6,439 people attended Library programs. Nearly five times the number of people that we are chartered to serve!

We are writing to ask for your help in continuing this tradition of service and innovation.

Please look at the details included in the 2017 Annual Report brochure enclosed then help make a difference in the future of the Aurora Free Library by contributing to our Annual Appeal.

We thank you for your continued support of the Aurora Free Library.

Donate Today with a Credit Card

If you’d like your donation to go to either the Aurora Free Library, Morgan Opera House, and/or Preservation Committee, please indicate that in the special instructions.

If you’d like your donation in someone else’s name, please also include that along with their address so that we may thank them.

Click here to download a PDF for check donations